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Dawn Whelan - founder of My Last GiftWe only live so long. Some of us are lucky enough to get fair warning before the end comes to us. Use that time to plan your personal expressions of love for your family and friends to be received after you’re gone.

“It was very hard, realizing I wouldn’t be with my family as they continued to grow.  I didn’t want my passing to be the end of our relationship.  I am so happy the My Last Gift could help me provide thoughtful gifts, notes, and services to my husband and kids when I could no longer deliver them myself.”

Expressions range from sending a simple email, to flowers delivered every year on an anniversary, to cupcakes delivered on birthdays, to a bottle of wine with a personal note delivered upon marriage. The only limits are your imagination. The service is designed to be an individual expression of your love and support selected in your own unique way.

My Last Gift can help you express your love on those special days in the future.  In addition to thoughtful gifts, My Last Gift can also arrange for home services to be taken care of quickly and seamlessly so your family is not burdened at their time of grief.

My Last Gift will assist you in expressing, to those you cherish, that your love for them is infinite beyond the boundaries of the physical world.