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Founders Story

“I was serving as an advocate for my mother-in-law as she began treatment for cancer when, to my surprise, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. At that moment I decided I could not be upset for myself because, there was no changing the situation; it had to be faced head on. However, I became increasingly concerned about the physical and emotional toll it could take on my family. I realized that there were so many things in life that needed to be put in order so that my friends and family knew my love for them was infinite. During our journey my mother-in-law and I spoke honestly with each other regarding our feelings and wishes for the future. As these discussions occurred I began to think about friends and family who had given me so many blessings in life, how could I give them one last gift?   From our fearless conversations the concept and ideas for My Last Gift evolved.

I have a Masters in Acquisition and Procurement Management with over fifteen years experience in purchasing and contracting, along with a desire to assist individuals with end of life options.  I have also trained with hospice nurse Suzanne B. O’Brien RN to become a certified End Of Life Doula, and Care Consultant through her award winning end of life program called Doulagivers®.  I have additionally trained with Henry Fersco-Weiss founder of International End-of-Life Doula Association (INELDA), and completed a certificate in End-of-Lfe with Allegra.   I believe that coupling the two together, my professional experience and passion, could bring individuals a unique opportunity to pre-plan for friends and family.  Often we plan finances, wills, advance care directives, yet the planning for the emotional side of things and nurturing the loving bond is often overlooked.  My Last Gift affords individuals the opportunity to show those they cherish that their love is infinite beyond the physical boundaries of life.  You can pre-plan expressions of love from beyond.”  ~ Dawn Whelan

My Last 14_0322 Dawn Whelan 08Gift to my loved ones will include a farewell party that is a celebration of life.  It will show those I cherish that my love is infinite beyond the physical boundaries of this world…..but the details I can’t share otherwise it will not be a surprise for them.

My Bucket List


Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Walk through singing sands

Crowd surf

Do a tandem skydive

Attend a Celebration on the Day of the Dead

Zorbing with the family

Go zip-lining

Sleep in glass house under Aurora Borealis (Finland)

Watch the running of the bulls

Travel to: Germany, Spain, France, Luxemburg, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Holland, Poland, Italy, Czechoslovakia, India, Turkey, Iceland, Greenland.

Drink a beer in an Irish pub

Talk to one random person every day for a month

Ride a camel in Middle East

Camp in the Grand Canyon

Go white water rafting

Go tree camping

Complete a mud run

Run a ½ marathon10470811_917961091563782_9052531364895460791_n

Get Motorcycle License

Get Pistol permit

Learn how to swing dance

Go on a cruise to Caribbean

Attend a Death Cafe

Help another individual do something on their bucket list

Attend an Olympic ceremony

Go parasailing

Swim with Dolphins

Vacation in Bora Bora

Become an End-of-Life Doula

Hike the Rainforest