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100% Biodegradable

The Bios Urn is completely biodegradable made from coconut shells and cellulose.  It is designed to allow germination of a tree or plant from the ashes of your loved one or pet.  Breathing new life through the regeneration of nature.

No Expiration Date

The Bios Urn does not have an expiration date. The materials with which it is produced will keep the Bios Urn stable for many years before use. To ensure its preservation, we recommend keeping the Bios Urn in a dry place.

Use any Seed

You can use any seed. The Bios Urn includes a Pine Tree seed. However, if you would like a different tree we recommend that you select a tree or plant appropriate for your region.

Human Bios Urn

Learn more about how you can grow a tree or plant creating a living memorial for your loved one.

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Pet Bios Urn

Learn More about how Bios Urn for Pets allows you to grow a tree in remembrance of your pet.

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