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Are diamonds only made from ashes?

No diamonds can be made from the hair or ashes of a human or pet.

How much hair or ashes is needed?

We request that you send at least ½ cup (about 7 0z) of hair or 2/3  cup (about 3.52 oz) of ashes.  A diamond can still be created if you don’t have the exact amount through the addition of standard carbon.

What color diamond can I get?

There are several colors to select from: white, yellow, blue, green, and red.

What cuts can I get?

The cuts available are brilliant, princess, and radiant.  We will gladly assist with any special requests.

What sizes are available?

Sizes range from mini which is .015 – 2 carots.  Size available also depends on the color selected.

How long does it take to create a Diamond?

The turnaround time is 70-120 days after the carbon source is received.

What is the clarity of the diamond created?

The lab created diamond will have a clarity rating of I-VVS in accordance with the international clarity grading system.  There is a possibility that there will be some small inclusions as the process, just like nature produces.

Is the diamond certified?

Yes there is a certificate of authenticity issued by a professional gemologist which complies with the international Diamond Grading Standards.  The grading report will include the size, color, cut, and clarity.

What settings are available?

Settings are a separate purchase from the diamond and are available in Earrings, pendants, and rings.  There are hundreds of styles to select from.

What is laser inscription?

For diamonds that are 1 carat and above you can have a message inscribed on the diamond.

How do I order?

You can work directly with us or use the link to the manufacturer whatever you are most comfortable with.

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