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The certificate of authenticity received for each diamond is issued by a professional gemologist and complies with the International Diamond Grading Standards.  The grading report will include the carat, color, cut, and clarity


Carat is the size of your diamond.  Memorial diamonds are available from .015 to 2 carats


Natural diamonds come in a variety of colors as do the memorial diamonds.  Your diamond can be created in Blue, Orange, Red, white, or yellow.  The actual shade of the color you select will vary for each diamond as it is based on the carbon provided.


Cut is used to reflect and disperse light presenting the beauty of your stone.  Memorial diamonds are available in brilliant, princess, and radiant cuts.  We will gladly assist with any special requests.


Clarity is a reference to the degree in which inclusions are absent from diamonds when it is magnified.  All diamonds have unique birthmarks that are called inclusions that appear as small crystals, clouds or feathers.  There is a possibility that there will be some small inclusions as the creation process, just like nature, produces them.  Your memorial diamond will have a clarity rating of I-VVS in accordance with the international clarity grading system.

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